I’m not sure why I’m writing this post

I’ve been doing this blog for 10.5 months now. The most popular post I’ve written to date is easily “Dear Hot Girls Who Wear Sexy Running Outfits.” Without a doubt. Search engines pick it up all the time when people google such salacious terms as hot girls or sexy running outfits. I like that post, and I think it is one of the funniest things I’ve written. “Done in 58 minutes” has also gotten a lot of play, but not quite as much. That one was my post about the 4th of July 5K comparing my pic from last year’s Turkey Trot. But if you ask me to point out my favorite blog post, either of those aren’t it.

The blog post I’m most proud of? Easy. That’s “Losing weight is hard, yet losing weight is also easy.” I struggled with putting that out there. I’m not a very open person, but that post just let it all out for the world to see. It felt good to write that, but it was also scary. I think that is where good writing comes from; writing stuff that is so you that it’s scary to put it out there.

As the title of this post correctly points out, I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I like that post, but I like the other ones, too. It’s kind of a crap shoot on guessing which things I write will really resonate with other people. I write them because they resonate well with me, but I like it when other people like what I write. It’s human nature, I think, to be somewhat vain in this sense.

Either way, it’s been awhile since I’ve written something of either variety. I’ll come up with something soon I’m sure. It’s in the works.

The Walking Diet

It’s a tad premature to be thinking about this, but I’ve had so much success so far that I’ve considered writing a book about my experience once I’ve hit my goal. I plan on continuing the blog, but I think it would be fun to write a book.  Who knows if I’ll actually do it, and then getting it published would be another journey.  But it’s fun to think about it.

I use my walking time to think. Sometimes about life, but sometimes just random things like blog posts, crazy book ideas (fictional books, not weight loss books), and titles for possible weight loss books.  One that I was thinking about was The Walking Diet.  Unfortunately, it’s already taken.  But the authors have a cool website about walking. I’ll come up with something better when the time comes.  I’m not sure that’s the best fit for what I want to write anyway.  I want to write more of a “this is what I did and how I motivated myself” book than a manual on how to lose weight.