Weigh-In Sunday

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 296.4 lbs.
This week:  295.8 lbs.
Change: -0.6 lbs. lbs.
Total Change: -31.2 lbs.

I walked 2.7 miles this morning!  My usual walk is about a mile and a half, but this morning I was feeling a little bit more in me and decided to go the long route.  It definitely felt good, and I’m glad it didn’t rain.

Coming in at a loss this week, even though it’s small, is a big deal.  As I said Friday, despite eating well and getting in my regular walks, stress has been eating at me all week, keeping me at a safe maintain.  I almost “weighed-in” yesterday.  I was hovering in the 295s, and I knew I was probably going to eat out last night.  However, I decided that just being at 295 yesterday was good enough for me and that if I had a bad weigh-in today I knew I could work it off.  I have to say that is definitely a new feeling for me.  I’ve never had that sort of confidence in my exercise routine before.

Eating out last night was good, too.  We had pizza, which is hard to do healthy, and I’m not saying we did but it was healthier.  The place served “authentic” neopolitan pizzas, so they were thin crust and pretty small.  I just had some leftovers for breakfast; pretty damn tasty!  I almost succeeded and not overeating by stopping at four slices (the slices are pretty small), but it was so good I had to have a couple more!

Weightwatchers has been giving me a hard time for losing weight too fast.  They say averaging more than two pounds per week over a four week period is too much.  I personally think that I’m at a size where it’s probably not too unhealthy for me to be averaging more than that at the moment, but losing only half a pound did get them to stop warning me about the dangers of overdoing it.  And I’m cool with that.


I think there must be something about stress that limits the ability to lose weight.  I’ve been walking every day and keeping the calories down, but my weight continues to hover around 296-297.  The only difference this week then previous weeks is that the stress levels have kicked up a notch thanks to a huge project I have.  But that will be finished by the end of the day, so hopefully my normal, more laid-back persona reasserts itself then.  Of course, there’s also finals coming up in a few weeks, so there’s not that much time to relax!