Will I keep running?

The answer is yes. I may not run every day now unless I am picking up another 5K, but I do plan on keeping up with running on a regular basis.  I’ll probably go back down to running a mile-and-a-half and working more on bettering my times rather than distance.

I have love/hate relationship with running.  I feel hugely accomplished after running, but while running I just want to stop.  Plus, while I haven’t had many problems to date, I do have a bad knee and since running can be bad for the joints I want to minimize the risk of re-injuring my knee.

So with that in mind, I walked this morning and it felt great.  It’s a beautiful day in Moorpark (one of the reasons I want to move back down here), and it felt great to just slow it down and enjoy it all.  I like walking.  Walking was one of the first things I started doing to lose weight, so it was like getting back to my roots.  I’ll be walking for the rest of my life; it’s part of my “lifestyle change.”  But running is creeping it’s way in.

Turkey Trotting it up

Group shot pre-run

I know I said I was going to wait until tomorrow to post about the Turkey Trot, but…I lied.  If you follow my twitter updates, then you already know I finished in under 40 minutes.  I’m not sure of the exact time yet, but I ran in with the clock at 40:09 and I know the clock had more than nine seconds on it when I crossed the start line.  So at least 39min & something.  Depending on how far the clock was at when I started I may even be better.  Who woulda thought?

As I’ve mentioned before, last year’s turkey trot went a little differently.  After finishing dead last in last year’s trot it feels pretty damn good to have run the whole damn thing, and under 40 minutes too!  Next year I’ll aim for under 35 minutes.  Haha, we’ll see.

Me & Dad after the race

Running in the rain…and snow!

I just ran 3 miles without stopping for the first time ever.  Yeah, did you just ask if that’s the same distance as a 5K?  Well, a 5K is 3.1 miles actually, but who’s counting?  I might just make running the damn turkey trot next week.  It will be slow going, but I’ll make it.

For some reason this week, despite running every morning, my weight has been pretty consistently 243-246.  I’d be frustrated if it weren’t for the fact that I’m doing pretty well on my the whole running goal front.  I’d still like to drop to under 240 by Sunday, but that may be a pipe dream now.  We shall see!

Running hurts!

Another reason why running is hard: it hurts. Now, I realized getting into this that it would probably do a number on my knees. It has, but not as bad as I thought. They have been holding up admirably, which is awesome. What I didn’t foresee is everything else. Like my ankles and all those muscles on your legs.

Anyways, this is my third day in a row of running without stopping. Amazing! I think we almost have a habit in force. I’ve been posting my time/distance on twitter under the #ihaterunning hash tag so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested.

Two days in a row about running!  What can I say, it’s a fascinating topic for me at the moment.


Things learned while running

I did this awhile back ago about walking, and I thought it would be fun to do the same thing for running.  So here are some random tidbits I’ve picked up while running:

  • If I don’t stop before the halfway mark I will most likely make it all the way without stopping.
  • If I do stop before the halfway mark good luck getting me to start running again!
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a cute girl to motivate me to previously unobtainable feats of exercise.
  • Also, don’t underestimate the power of my own laziness.
  • After running for a mile I’m not sure how much faster me running is compared to a good walking pace.
  • To be honest I’m not sure how much faster my normal running pace is compared to a good walking pace.
  • Somehow I can always count on a surge of energy when I reach the end to finish strong.
  • Cool down walks are a must.
  • I’ve never vomited after exercising, but I now understand why some people do after running.
  • Slow and steady wins the race, right?  I’ll take the tortoise any day of the week.

Yesterday morning I ran for 1.7 miles at just around 23 minutes.  I think that means if I’m able to run the whole Turkey Trot I can probably get it done in 45-50 minutes.  That’ll be what I’m shooting for!

I am not a running person

Case in point, today I ran for a little bit, then stopped. Was I tired? Not really. I stopped simply because I could, and once I’ve stopped it’s hard to motivate myself to start back up again. I like walking. Running, not so much.

But, someone once told me that if you do something long enough it becomes a habit. I wasn’t really much of a walking person before this year, so I guess if I keep up the running thing eventually it will become a part of who I am.  Maybe I am a running person; I just haven’t kicked my habit into gear yet.

Turkey Trot Challenge

Last year was the first year that I did a Turkey Trot. I posted the pic of my finish earlier on the blog. It was not pretty, to say the least. But given the shape I was in, I was immensely proud of myself for having finished it. Even if it was dead last. This year I’ve decided to up the ante, and I figure posting it here will make it real.

I’m going to run the damn thing! I may not run all the way, but I’m going to at least try and see how far I get. I walked the 4th of July 5K in 58 minutes, so I think if I can run the Turkey Trot in 40-45 minutes that would be pretty damn good. Hell, just beating my 4th of July time will be good enough for me!

I’ve been working on my running stamina by mixing up running in my solo walks. It’s not easy, but I’ll get there!