Weekly Weigh-In Refreshed: 284 pounds

Current weight: 284.0 lbs.

Time to refresh and get back on track. See you next week!

9/28/14 Front view

9/28/14 Front view

9/28/14 Side view

9/28/14 Side view

Weigh-In: Recharging the batteries

Current weight: 233 pounds
Since last time: +18.2 pounds <– 2+ months ago!
Total weight loss: 94 pounds

Well, that sucks. I’ve had a good hiatus though, so it’s time to really jump back on the weight loss train and get in a groove again.

The girlie says that I can blame her for spending time away from the blog and weight loss activities. And while to some extent that may be accurate, the truth of the matter is that I made a conscious decision to step back for a bit. Now I’m reaping the benefits of that decision.

I kind of fell out of walking every day, but I’ve slowly started to pick it up. I need to get back into a groove, though. Over this hiatus I’ve hiked Spencer’s Butte twice and Pisgah once. One of those Spencer’s trips was just this week for the birthday of the girlie’s mom. I also got in a walk this morning and couple last week. I even marathonned last week from school down 18th all the way to Chambers. I haven’t calculated the mileage, but for those not familiar with Eugene, that’s a pretty good walk.

I might find some pics to bridge the missing gap as far as progress pics go. We shall see. Here’s to regular updating again!

With the girlie on the top of Spencer’s Butte