Running in the rain…and snow!

I just ran 3 miles without stopping for the first time ever.  Yeah, did you just ask if that’s the same distance as a 5K?  Well, a 5K is 3.1 miles actually, but who’s counting?  I might just make running the damn turkey trot next week.  It will be slow going, but I’ll make it.

For some reason this week, despite running every morning, my weight has been pretty consistently 243-246.  I’d be frustrated if it weren’t for the fact that I’m doing pretty well on my the whole running goal front.  I’d still like to drop to under 240 by Sunday, but that may be a pipe dream now.  We shall see!

Walking in the rain

Walking in the rain is just part of the charm of walking outside this time of year in the Pacific Northwest.  Usually it’s just a trickle, like today.  Yesterday, though, was a little bit more than that.  I thought there was a lull in the rain, so I jumped out to get in a walk.  Unfortunately, about halfway through the rain picked up and so did the wind.  So I got to walk through some sideways rain, with a little mixture of hail thrown in for good measure.  It actually wasn’t too bad except for the fact that I came back soaked.  It just built a little character; I can always use more of that!

Today I decided to try a pedometer.  I downloaded the CardioTrainer app for my phone and used its pedometer feature.  I’m a little skeptical of its accuracy though.  After my walk today, it said I had walked 2500 steps or 2.5 miles.  I was little shocked because I had thought my regular walk was a little over a mile.  The app uses my phone’s GPS and Google Maps to calculate the route, so I figured it was probably more accurate than my guesstimate.  But I pulled up the route on Google Maps back home just to be sure and discovered that I was right and the app was wrong (UPDATE: see the next post about the app’s accuracy and my own idiocy).  My regular route is about a mile and a half.  Still a good walk, but not as good as I momentarily thought it was.  Regardless, using the pedometer was cool, and I think I will continue to utilize it in my daily walk.