An Update

So, this year hasn’t started off as great as I was hoping.  I’m still losing, but it’s been much slower going than I would have liked.  My weight loss has been like that, so I’m not too concerned.  I think I can get back on the 2 pounds/week rate pretty soon here.  I should finally get out of the 220s next weigh-in.

As far as my other goals…I haven’t really done that push-ups thing yet.  I can do more push-ups though, since I have been doing push-ups every now and then and the workout class I do works on arm strength.  I wanted to get into P90X also, which I have sorta been doing with the class I have been going to.  Unfortunately I can only go to it once a week since it falls at the same time as my work, but c’est la vie.  I fell out of going to the gym and walking regularly for a couple weeks there and I’ve just started to get back on that bandwagon.  Hopefully I don’t fall off again.  Losing weight is always a struggle.  The struggle doesn’t end just because you’ve reached your goal.

The Gym

I have never been a “gym rat” but my gym-going activity has spiked in the last few months.  I didn’t do sports in high school since I was in Marching Band, so I don’t know my way around a gym room at all.  I’d like to remedy that.

I started a P90X-like workout class this morning, and I plan on doing it for the rest of the winter quarter every Monday/Wednesday.  I started today, and boy was it tough.  We did arms, and I feel like mine are going to fall off!  It’s rough, but I’m looking forward to learning all this stuff.  I may never be a true gym rat, but I’d like to at least reach a stage where I don’t feel like I don’t belong when I walk through the door.