Because it’s so cool to point out

Today, all done! Striking a pose in front of my recently decorated tree. 🙂

Just vegging out today. So nice to be able to do that after the stress of the semester done with and traveling all day yesterday.

But, I posted the picture of me with my tree yesterday (and to the right again for good measure).  I just have to point out that the shirt I’m wearing is a Large. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a Large. Maybe Freshmen/Sophomore year of college? Not sure. Certainly it’s a little tight and thank God it’s black since black is a slimming color. But still, that’s awesome.

I, of course, posted the pic on facebook and got lots of facebook love for it. I like to post pics on facebook, whether I look good or bad because it’s nice to look back and see where I was at different points in my life. Everytime I post a “hot” pic on facebook I get lots of love, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that subconsciously (or hell maybe even consciously) that’s a motivating factor when I post some pics. It feels good to be told you look good. Sometimes I feel like it may come off as me fishing for compliments, but really I’m not. I’m just super proud of how I look, and I want to show off my new look to the world as much as possible. It feels good to be told that you look good, but it also just feels good to look good!

And just to come full circle on something that I used to mention a lot, the loss definitely feels real to me now. There is no escaping that!

You know you’ve made it when…

Here’s a couple things I’ve noticed lately that have been pretty cool for me:

1. Walking by a mirror/window and I find myself checking myself and thinking I look good. Oh, okay, so that’s not really an indication of how I actually look. It’s just my own vanity, but it’s nice to finally be able to think that I look good when I go out. I used to just leave the house thinking I look my best, but now I leave thinking I look good. A slight difference, but I think one that matters.

2. Attention. ‘Nuff said. I don’t feel the need to elaborate, but I think everyone can agree that it’s nice to get noticed.

3. The other day I was buying jeans at Kohl’s. I was in the dressing room while a teenager was trying to find pants with his mom. He wanted these pants that were riding a little high, but his mom convinced him to try on a pair that looked a little more normal but may have run a little long. He was complaining about them as I walked out and his mother told him that it looked cooler that way and then she pointed at me and said, “See, he wears his jeans a little long. You just have to wear them confidently like he does.” I felt pretty good about that.

4. I don’t feel fat anymore. Being fat used to be who I was, but not anymore. I feel more like I’m on the higher end of normal.  I certainly have quite a bit more weight that I’d like to lose, but I don’t feel fat. Which is kind of a first for me. Well, at least a first in a long time. I’m still trying to get used to the feeling.

Post-Cruise Analysis

Sunset from the deck before leaving Long Beach

I haven’t officially weighed myself post cruise, but when I have stepped on a scale today and yesterday morning it has been in the 252 range.  I was afraid I’d gain a bit on the cruise, but fortunately that did not happen!

I had an AWESOME time, and surprisingly (since I actually lost weight), I did not hold myself back too much eating-wise and certainly not drinking-wise.  They had a 24/7 pizza bar which I fully utilized.  I think a few things helped me stay good though. First, drinking a lot always screws up my sleep, so I was easily able to get up early and walk the track on the top deck for 40 min to an hour each morning.  Second, I did quite a bit of dancing which I believe has some exercise value.  I certainly combined a lot of drinking with that second element, so they might have cancelled each other out.  Third, I used the stairs, rather than the elevator, A LOT.  Plus there’s a lot of walking around the cruise to get from point A to B.

Me and my friend Amul on a boat!

And finally, I spent most of the day Monday in airports and on planes passed out, so I didn’t eat a whole lot, which I’ll admit is not a great way to keep the pounds off.

I’m not sure what it is, but after getting back I feel like a whole new “Dave” has emerged.  A Dave who likes the way he looks and isn’t apologetic for his shortcomings.  Maybe I’ve found a little confidence.  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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