Weekly Weigh-In: 6.2 pounds lost!

Happy dance!

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 242.6 lbs.
This week: 236.4 lbs.
Change: -6.2 lbs.
Total Change: -90.6 lbs

Wow, just freaking wow! And just like that I am back in this game!

I had a good week, despite going out. I chose wisely on the alcohol and eating fronts, I didn’t snack, and I enjoyed eating without overindulging.  All in all, the keys to a successful week on the eating front.  I also, of course, was able to exercise every day which always helps.  I got in a good run or walk every morning, and I put in a herculean effort on the Turkey Trot.  My final time was 38:08.

I was starting to think I was going to be stuck in the 240s, so I’m really glad to have moved out of them!  Onward to 100 pounds lost.  I should be able to make my goal on time now, as long as I don’t get too stressed in the coming onslaught of papers and finals.

Weigh-In Sunday

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 311.0 lbs.
This week: 308.0 lbs.
Change: -3.0 lbs.
Total Change: -19.0 lbs.

Weigh-In Sunday

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 315.0 lbs.
This week: 311.0 lbs.
Change: -4.0 lbs.
Total Change: -16.0 lbs.

Two weeks in a row of big losses.  I’m not sure what it is, I’m just plugging along!  Keeping up with exercising and the diet.  I think the result of the big weight loss numbers is the combination of exercising everyday and also generally not meeting my daily points total.  Weightwatchers gives me so many points, but my allotment is huge.  I generally feel like I’m overeating if I meet my daily points goal, so I generally fall under it.  This probably isn’t good, but I’ll live with it.