Things are looking up

Reasons I’m in a good mood:

  • I need a new belt. I’m on the last rung of the one I have, and it’s not quite doing its job.
  • I need to get my suits altered. I put my suit on today and it was way too big. There was probably 3 inches of space between my pants and body. Thank God I had suspenders keeping my pants up. Still, I’m sure it looked odd!
  • In a related note to above, when I wore my suit in December for the interview of the job I started today, it almost was too small. That was somewhat depressing. This, however, felt pretty damn good even if it looked weird.
  • Getting up at 5am to walk. Yes, that’s early, but it’s not a bad way to start the day.

Now I just need to figure out some plans to stay active this summer. I’m thinking of joining a gym, but it’s kind of expensive. I probably will, just need to figure out how to work it into my schedule.

Yeah, the weight loss is starting to feel real.

It’s feeling real, now. I think.

I’ve discussed here before how I have a hard time feeling that my weight loss is real.  This is mostly due to the loss being incremental rather than sudden.  It’s hard to see it in the mirror when it’s happening gradually over time.  Also, in the pictures I’ve posted here I don’t really notice all that much of a difference, except I can tell that I’ve definitely gotten thinner in the face since the January photo.  However, I was just posting some photos on facebook from a party at the end of February, and I could definitely tell that I had lost weight since then.  That felt pretty good.  It’s starting to feel a little bit more real.

Post Spring Break Weigh-In

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 304.0 lbs.
This week:  305.4 lbs.
Change: +1.4 lbs. lbs.
Total Change: -21.6 lbs.

The moral of the story is don’t assume a certain outcome and prime your data for that outcome.  Just do what you do!

So, had I just stuck to my regular weigh-ins I would have had 307 the previous weigh-in and 303.8 yesterday (what I weighed after my long drive back home).  I decided last night that since it was my last day of Spring Break I could indulge a little, so I did.  I ordered pizza.  It had been awhile, and boy was it good.  And it didn’t hurt me too much in the count, so no problem.  I was going to count any weigh-in under 307 as a success for my Spring Break of indulgences, so in that sense it was a success.

It was a success on many different levels.  I ate out a few times and ordered salads (that I enjoyed!) which is new for me.  FYI, Skirt Steak Salad is quite tasty.  I’m not sure how healthy it is with the steak, but boy is it good.  I was also able to walk pretty much every day on a route that was very similar in distance to my regular route here.  That’s good because I’ll be living with my parents this summer while I work an internship down there, so it’s good to know that I can easily maintain my walking when I’m there this summer.

Spring Break Weigh-In

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 307.2 lbs.
This week:  304.0 lbs.
Change: -3.2 lbs.
Total Change: -23.0 lbs.

Doing good!  I’m weighing in early because Spring Break starts today.  I’m on the road all day today, and I’m not sure what my exercising options will be away from home.  I had a good weigh-in this morning, so I figured to protect that I would just publish my weigh-in early!

Finally getting over it

I was pretty sick this last week, which is a horrible way to return home for a new semester at school.  But whatever.  I’m not completely over it, but I’m good enough to start thinking further on my diet/exercise goals.

The main thing I need to do now is add an exercising component.  Weight Watchers recommends exercising 30 minutes a day, so I’m going to try and start with that.  I have a Wii Fit, so my goal is to get in 30 minutes a day.  We’ll see how that goes.  Once it starts getting warmer I think I’m going to try and get some regular walking into my schedule, too.  Getting outside more will be good for my health.

My goal this weekend is to also sit down and plan out a menu for the week.  My eating this week has been fairly sporadic, as my appetite has gone in and out due to being sick.  I’d like to start getting in the habit of cooking healthy meals regularly.  One of the ways I’m accomplishing this goal is by having a weekly dinner with a group of friends who are all trying to cook more health conscious meals.  It wasn’t my idea, but I was glad to jump on board with it.  It helps with accountability and also motivation to keep up with the goal.  Of course, if I’m going to reach my goals, I need to be thinking healthy every meal, so I really need to start planning things out rather than just coming up with my dinner plans on the fly.