In case you haven’t noticed

I started a new blog for blogging things unrelated to my weight loss.

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Other weight loss blogs

When I first started doing this back in January I wondered if there were any similar blogs.  The answer: yes!  There are tons of weight loss blogs.  But then I had a hard time finding ones that were active or that I identified with.  So I kept following and dropping blogs until I landed on a couple that I’ve found to be pretty good.  Both are by bloggers named John.

The Journey of a Fat Man is one of the first I found.  I like this one because the blogger started about a year ago from a similar place that I did.  I think his starting weight was the 310s but close enough.  He’s in the low 200s now, so it’s pretty inspiring to see someone who started the same thing I’m doing now and be successful at it.  I think we have different styles; he counts calories and I don’t and he seems to be more active than me.  I attribute part of this to our being in different phases of our weight loss.  I know as I get closer to my goal in order to see gains I’m going to have to keep better track of what I eat and add more activity to my routine.  However, it’s still nice to see someone who was in my position and has climbed out of it.

John Is Fit is the other blog I found.  I think the blogger here has been at it a little longer.  He also doesn’t seem to blog as much, but he regularly reviews products related to weight loss.  I like his perspective, and while I haven’t purchased anything he’s reviewed I still think it’s interesting to read about things that could be helpful.