Weekly Weigh-In: 2.2 pounds lost!

2011 Start: 327 lbs. / 2012 Start: 225.0 lbs.
Last week: 227.8 lbs.
This week: 225.6 lbs.
Change: -2.2 lbs.
Total Change: -101.4 lbs / 2012 Change: +0.6

Waist: 41.5 in. / Change: none
Body Fat: 25.1% / Change: -0.2%

I really needed a good weigh-in today for my own mental well-being, so I am really glad I had another good loss.  I haven’t quite made it yet to where I was at the beginning of the month, but at least I’m back on the weight loss train!  It feels good.

It’s been a lovely past couple days, albeit being a little cool.  Beats the never-ending reign of rain though, for sure.  I went hiking on Mount Pisgah yesterday afternoon and it felt good to be doing something intense outside for a change.  I really need to get back into walking the hills with my aunt because I was definitely feeling the climb and descent.

I’ve been trying to ramp up the intensity of my workouts lately because I’ve finally reached a point where I can’t just walk off the pounds.  I need to do more.  Upping my workouts though has had the unintended side effect of increasing my appetite.  I’ve struggled WAY MORE this year with not snacking.  I’ll do better.  I’m back in a good place this morning.

Weekly Weigh-In: Lost 3.2 pounds!

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 246.4 lbs.
This week: 243.2 lbs.
Change: -3.2 lbs.
Total Change: -83.8 lbs

Bam! With another good loss I am back on the weight loss train, as if there was ever any doubt.  Had a good morning started with a good run.  My Ducks killed Stanford on Stanford’s home turf last night, which was AWESOME.  Plus, I managed to not gorge myself on too many snacks during the game.  All in all, it’s been a good week to lose weight.

I was thinking that I wanted to try and break the 230s before I get back to California, but then I realized that would be next week!  So I only have one weigh-in to work with.  We shall see what I can to.

Also, you may have noticed that the posting has increased this last week.  I started posting something everyday, and it has worked good so far.  I have something already in the works for tomorrow, so we’ll see if I can keep it up.  I’m going to try to, though.

Weekly Weigh-In: 2.8 pounds lost

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 251.4 lbs.
This week: 248.6 lbs.
Change: -2.8 lbs.
Total Change: -78.4 lbs

I told you last week there was nothing to worry about gaining! I’ve been doing this long enough that I don’t doubt my ability to keep on losing. I’ve been eating real well this week, so I figured I would be at a loss no problem. I was kind of worried about getting back under 250 this week, but now I guess my fears were baseless!

This weigh-in is particularly awesome because I have not walked yet today. I’m doing a 5K this morning, so I elected not to walk/run before leaving for that. I could have waited until later in the day, but I wanted to preserve the time in which I do weigh-ins (and also that I always do them before I start eating for the day). After the 5K I’m going straight to brunch, so that’s why I didn’t wait. Anyways, it always feels good to have a good weigh-in even when I haven’t done my morning walk to help it out a little. 🙂

Heads up: I have a busy week ahead of me school-wise, so probably no mid-week posts are going to happen. Of course, now that I say that I will probably post every day!

Weekly Weigh-In: 2.8 pounds lost!

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 269.8 lbs.
This week:  267.0 lbs.
Change: -2.8 lbs. lbs.
Total Change: -60.0 lbs.

And just like that I’ve reached 60 lbs. lost on the year so far!  As expected, I’m back on track after last week’s little bump.  I have 2-3 weigh-ins until I’m back in Eugene.  Technically it’s 3, but one of them I’ll be on the move so I’ll probably have to do that one in Eugene even though it will contain data from a week in California.  My 250s goal is doable, but I’ll likely come up short.  No worries, though.  At the beginning of the summer I really thought that I would be in the mid to late 260s by the time I went back, so just being within spitting distance of the 250s would be pretty damn good.

I had a pretty good week.  I walked almost every day.  I missed Thursday night because we were celebrating my sister’s last night in Moorpark (she’s moving to Salinas for a job!) followed by trying to squeeze her life’s possession into a small U-Haul trailer.  We didn’t succeed but we got the necessaries and she’ll just have to come back and get the rest at some other time.  I missed Friday night because I was out drinking.  Fun times!  I got in two walks yesterday so it all worked out.

It’s interesting that I can still have such a good week when I’ve gone out a few times.  When I started this going out always used to throw me back.  Now, because I’m committed to walking as much as I can, it’s not so bad.  Sure, I’d probably lose more without going out, but going out is good for my emotional well-being which is another important consideration.  As long as I stay active and eat smart going out won’t push me too far back.

Weekly Weigh-In: Lost 3.2 pounds!

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 278.8 lbs.
This week:  275.6 lbs.
Change: -3.2 lbs. lbs.
Total Change: -51.4 lbs.

As I said last week, the gain was nothing to be worried about.  I’m back on the weight loss train.  I’ve been pretty good about walking every night.  Yesterday I was able to walk once in the morning and then again in the late afternoon.  I enjoyed a couple nights out last week, so it’s nice to see that I’m still losing.  I should note I weighed in a little later than usual, but I don’t think that had too much effect.

I’m in the mid-270s before July 4th.  It’s not inconceivable that I could hit my goal of being in the 250s before I leave California for Eugene at the end of summer.  That’s pretty exciting.

It’s kind of weird how my mood has shifted throughout this whole process.  Before I started, I used to always say that I needed to lose weight, but I just never got around to it because I didn’t have faith in myself to follow through.  At the beginning, I was very hesitant about everything, and even when I was having some nice big losses I was still weighting for the shoe to drop.  Until just recently I was still waiting for something to happen and me to revert back to my big, fat self.  But not anymore.  I’m halfway to my first goal, and I can see the end.  And the end of this is with me as a healthier, more confident, more happy with his appearance type of guy.  I’ve already gotten far on that way, and I’ve reached the point of no return.  I can see the end of the tunnel and there’s no way I’m turning around and getting back on the path of self-destruction I was on.  Fat Dave is on the way out and Healthy Dave is trying to break in.  And I must say that’s a pretty good spot to be in.

Weigh-In Sunday

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 305.4 lbs.
This week:  302.4 lbs.
Change: -3.0 lbs. lbs.
Total Change: -24.6 lbs.

Getting there… I’ll probably do a post reflecting on the progress so far, but I just wanted to note that I’m roughly a quarter of the way through the year and a quarter of the way towards my goal.  It’s sometimes hard for me to see that when I feel like I’m stuck in the 300s, but I’m on track so far!  And really, whether I’m on track or not, what matters is reaching my goal.  Not how long I take to reach it.

Weigh-In: Back on track

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 309.6 lbs.
This week:  307.2 lbs.
Change: -2.4 lbs.
Total Change: -19.8 lbs.

It’s good to be back on the weight loss train.  One of the things I’ve been looking forward to about losing weight is being able to fit comfortably into my old clothes that I’ve saved over the years “for when they’ll fit again…”  Some of it’s been waiting for so long it’s probably out of style!  I’m not quire there yet, but almost.

Last week I noticed that my belt was no longer doing it’s job of keeping my pants up, so yesterday I dug into my closet to get an older belt out.  I was feeling pretty good about myself, and then I tried to put the older belt on.  It didn’t come close to fitting.  Oops!  Went a little too far back, so I dug around and found one that fit.  Still, that’s progress.