It must be summer

It’s been like in the 80s every day this month or so it seems anyways. This means that people are out and about, because if you live in the northwest you know that you have to take advantage of the sun when you can.

I plan on weighing-in tomorrow. I’ve been maintaining a steady 230s, which is okay. It’s better than climbing into the 240s, but not quite as cool as getting back to the 220s. Stress has its effects, though. One, it does something chemically that makes it harder to lose weigh (at least someone told me that once or I read it somewhere. And two, I stress eat. Oh well, such is life. I have been walking every day this week, though, so that’s good.

Speaking of walking, I saw some strange sights today. Well, just one strange thing actually. Somebody was mowing the sidewalk. Weird! I also walked by three garage sales, but that’s par for course during the summer.

I am still alive!

It’s been awhile. I’m sorry! Things have gotten a little hectic in the last few months. I think I mentioned last time that I had a new girlfriend. Yes? Well, the new girlfriend is not so new anymore, but she’s stuck around for a bit now. I think she’s going to stick around for a bit more, too. ūüôā

I’ve gained about 10-15 pounds back, and I’m hovering around 230 right now. I could give a myriad of excuses as to why, but they’re kind of immaterial. I just need to focus as best as I can. It’s hard with bar studies at the moment. Sometimes I just want to drown myself in goodies to forget about the pressure of the bar exam. But I don’t. I’ve succumbed a little bit, hence the gain. But I’m confident in my ability to bounce back and get back on track. I plan on getting back to weighing in regularly here pretty soon. I think that will help keep me accountable again. It’s just a matter of actually doing it!

Alrighty. Well, hopefully you’ll see a weigh-in from me this week. I don’t want to make any promises. But maybe…!

You may have noticed…

…that I haven’t updated in a bit. I decided to take last weekend off.¬† I’ve been floating around the 215-220 range, which is a number that I’m fairly comfortable at.¬† Things have been going very well in my personal life and while this is still important to keep up with, I’ve got a couple other things on my mind.¬† I’d like to get to under 200, but if I stayed at the 215-220 range I would not be upset.

Anyways, I will be updating again.  Just taking a little breather for a bit.  I have been pretty constant the last year or so, so I have to admit it was pretty nice to not worry about weighing in last weekend.

My 5th Quarterly Review

So it’s been another three months at this. Just as I have in the past (here, here, here, and here), it’s time to look back and reflect. And look to the future.

Where am I now? Well, as of yesterday, I’ve reached 115 pounds lost since January 2, 2011, and about 13 pounds lost in 2012 so far. Not bad. I set myself a goal of 40 pounds by June at the beginning of the year. I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not going to reach that, unless I start losing 4-5 pounds per week from now on. Which, to be honest, I hope I do not because I don’t think that is too healthy.¬† I should still, however, make my other goal of under 200 by June.¬†And even if I don’t, it’s not like I’m going to stop trying!

Where am I going? I think I just keep chugging along like I’m doing. Everything seems to be going well at the moment. I think I’ve gotten over the plateau that I’ve been on for most of the year and I should get back to regularly losing weight again rather than this seasaw back and forth.¬†As I said above, I should reach under 200 by the summer, and then we’ll see where I go from there.

Spring Break!

I just realized last night that my Spring Break is in session. Thanks to my lax class schedule and the fact that Friday is a court furlough day I am officially done with school until Monday, April 2nd. Minus any school work that I need to finish and complete over the break that is.

I’ve been somewhat up and down on my progress so far this year. I’m hoping to use the break to regroup and get back on a more regular “loss” slide. No more gains! Okay, that’s a little unrealistic, but I think I can manage to continue on the downward path towards 200.¬† I no longer have any delusions that I can reach forty pounds lost on the year by June, but I still believe I can reach under 200 by graduation (or June).¬† Just have to get cracking (and hope it doesn’t continue to snow!).

It’s snowing. Oh my.

I decided to walk this morning despite the huge snowstorm that had occurred overnight. It was only lightly snowing when I walked outside with a bajillion layers on. I made it down the street before I turned around and realized this was a really bad idea. Today is going to be spent huddling up in doors. I kind of wish I had cocoa. And firewood to make a fire in the fireplace. Oh well, I think I will manage.

Some perspective

It’s been slow going in 2012. I’ve just started to pick up the pace again, so maybe I’m finally out of this rut. Last time I was in a rut I took a look back and noted how far I’ve come. I thought I’d do that again.

I’ve lost about 110 pounds so far since I started this journey. Wowza. About this time a year ago, I was about 307 pounds. That means that I’ve lost about 90 pounds since a year ago today. I just got a new pair of suits since the ones I got in 2010 and had altered last summer are waaaaaaay too big. When I got them altered I was roughly 282 pounds, which means I’ve lost almost 65 pounds in between suits. When I returned to Eugene from California last August I weighed-in at roughly 262 pounds, which means I’ve lost almost 45 pounds since last summer. So even though I’ve only lost 8 pounds since January 1, 2012, I’m still going strong.¬† I obviously still have a lot to be proud of!