Weekly Weigh-In: Minus 2.6 pounds

2011 Start: 327 lbs. / 2012 Start: 225.0 lbs.
Last week: 220.6 lbs.
This week: 218.0 lbs.
Change: -2.6 lbs.
Total Change: -109.0 lbs / 2012 Change: -7.0

Waist: 39.5 in. / Change: -0.5 in. / Total Change: -2.0 in.
Body Fat: 25.2% / Change: -0.2% / Total Change: -0.1%

Finally out of the 220s! Went walking the hills this morning with my aunt. It felt good. I’m celebrating my under 220 weigh-in by stuffing myself with delicious McDonald’s breakfast. Yum.

About Dave Smith
Nerd of various flavors in no particular order: Ducks, Mariners, Harry Potter, Lost, Science Fiction, Fantasy, the law, reading, blogs, and whatever else I like to do on my free time. DFTBA.

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