Thoughts on dating

I guess today is the day in which I comment on other people’s blog posts.  The Anti-Jared posted today about a question he received via email.  From the message of the post, I believe the gist of the email is that someone had told this person they wouldn’t sleep with them unless they lost so much weight.  Or it could have been a promise to sleep with the person if they lost the weight.  It’s not entirely clear from the blog post, but either way the answer was if the person did not want to be with you at your current weight, then that person is not worth being with you at your goal weight.

In general, I agree with this.  I personally haven’t encountered anyone that blew me off when I was 300+ pounds now all of a sudden showing interest, but I would be wary of anyone who did.  However, I wouldn’t necessarily blow that person off now.  It depends on why they weren’t interested in the fatter me.  If it was just an aversion to fat people, then yeah, that person isn’t worth my time.  But as I’ve said a number of times here, my physical appearance isn’t the only thing changing here.  I’m much more confident and willing to take risks than I was a year ago, or even a few months ago.  If it is these changes that have peaked the interest of the girl previously not interested in me, then I wouldn’t hold that against her.

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