Is weight a feminine issue?

I follow The Anti-Jared pretty regularly. It’s a weight loss blog by a dude, and he can sometimes be critical of the fact that there is not a lot of guys out there talking about weight issues.  Recently he’s been heaping scorn on Weight Watchers for its commercials that show men who have obviously never been to a Weight Watchers meeting.  I can sympathize a little bit, since the first time I tried Weight Watchers I did the meeting thing and found that it wasn’t really my thing.  For one, at least all the meetings I attended, I was the only single guy and generally the only guy.  If there were other guys at the meeting it was pretty obvious that their wives dragged them there.  While not a huge problem, it’s definitely not the most inviting atmosphere.

The reason I am commenting on the issue, though, is because of something I have noticed with my own weight loss this year.  In general, the people that comment on my weight loss are my female friends.  Certainly there are lots of guys who have said things to me and commented on this blog, but by and large the majority are females.  Now, that might be the fact that I have a lot of female friends.  I don’t know.  But it just seems like guys are more likely to make a quick comment and move on, where as girls will keep up with me about it and encourage me to keep going.  Every now and then I’ll get an email or message from someone about my weight loss and it’s almost always a female friend.

And by the way, getting messages from people about reading this blog is probably the most rewarding thing about doing this blog.  Certainly my own weight loss is its own reward, but it is always nice to hear other people’s stories with weight issues.  It seems like most people can relate in some way.  Plus, it is always good to hear from people cheering me on!  I can’t say that one enough.

I’ve struggled with weight issues for pretty much most of my life, so I have hard time buying that it is mostly a feminine issue.  I just think girls are more open to discussing the topic of weight.  For most people weight is taboo.  But I think with the problem of obesity on the rise in America, it’s becoming more and more a topic of normal conversation.  Which is good, since the more people that talk about it the less of a problem it becomes.

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