I’m in the 240s

It’s all about perspective.  I am ecstatic now to be weighing-in regularly under 250 each morning, and if I’m lucky, sometimes each night too when I go to bed.  I feel great and am generally pretty positive about how I look now.  Which is sort of weird to think about it because the first time I joined Weight Watchers was the summer after my freshmen year of college (the summer of 2003 to be exact).  That’s like eight years ago.  And the weight that caused me to want to slim down? 240 pounds.

When I left for college, I think I weighed in the 210s.  My senior year of high school I fluctuated from the low 200s to the 210s.  I got to college and the joy of eating ice cream and pizza every day at what we called Saga, but was pretty much your typical dorm cafeteria, resulted in my Freshman Fifteen (and then some).  I took a job that summer working in the Sear’s stockroom and that, along with joining Weight Watchers, helped me get back down to under 220.

Back then, I was like, “Holy crap, I can’t believe I’m 240,” said in a sad tone.  Now, I’m like, “Holy crap! I can’t believe I’m in the 240s!” said in a pretty damn excited tone.

So yeah, it’s all about the perspective when it comes down to it.  And I like my perspective now!

About Dave Smith
Nerd of various flavors in no particular order: Ducks, Mariners, Harry Potter, Lost, Science Fiction, Fantasy, the law, reading, blogs, and whatever else I like to do on my free time. DFTBA.

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