Post-Cruise Analysis

Sunset from the deck before leaving Long Beach

I haven’t officially weighed myself post cruise, but when I have stepped on a scale today and yesterday morning it has been in the 252 range.  I was afraid I’d gain a bit on the cruise, but fortunately that did not happen!

I had an AWESOME time, and surprisingly (since I actually lost weight), I did not hold myself back too much eating-wise and certainly not drinking-wise.  They had a 24/7 pizza bar which I fully utilized.  I think a few things helped me stay good though. First, drinking a lot always screws up my sleep, so I was easily able to get up early and walk the track on the top deck for 40 min to an hour each morning.  Second, I did quite a bit of dancing which I believe has some exercise value.  I certainly combined a lot of drinking with that second element, so they might have cancelled each other out.  Third, I used the stairs, rather than the elevator, A LOT.  Plus there’s a lot of walking around the cruise to get from point A to B.

Me and my friend Amul on a boat!

And finally, I spent most of the day Monday in airports and on planes passed out, so I didn’t eat a whole lot, which I’ll admit is not a great way to keep the pounds off.

I’m not sure what it is, but after getting back I feel like a whole new “Dave” has emerged.  A Dave who likes the way he looks and isn’t apologetic for his shortcomings.  Maybe I’ve found a little confidence.  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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