Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Yesterday I went to Crater Lake National Park with some friends. We hiked the Cleetwood Cove Trail down to the surface of the lake and jumped into the “freezing” cold water. It was cold, but not too bad. The hike was about 2.5 miles roundtrip, but the tricky part was coming back up. According to the sign at the trailhead the climb back up was like climbing up 150 flights of stairs to the top of a 75-story building! That’s pretty massive. Slowly, but surely, I made it back up without stopping.

Before trekking down to the shore

After finishing the hike

After not eating all day, we stopped at the Brewer’s Union in Oakridge on the way back to Eugene. I stuffed myself on a delicious bacon cheeseburger. I think I earned it!

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