Weekly Weigh-In: 1.4 pounds lost

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 262.6 lbs.
This week: 261.2 lbs.
Change: -1.4 lbs. lbs.
Total Change: -65.8 lbs

I forgot to mention last weigh-in that I reached 29 pounds lost total from May 15th, my last Eugene weigh-in before leaving for the summer, to last week, my first weigh-in back.  I was just shy of 30 pounds lost for the summer, and I’m still reaching for the 250s which was my summer goal.  Not quite there, but close!  My next goal is to reach the 240s before September 30th (when I leave for my Mexico cruise!).  I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible with just a month to go, but I’m going to try.

I feel like I’ve been floundering in the 260s forever now.  I’m not sure what I can do to kickstart back to some bigger loss weeks rather than fighting for a pound here and there.  Last week I said I wasn’t worrying about what appeared to be a slowdown.  Now I’m starting to worry.  Let’s see what next week brings!

About Dave Smith
Nerd of various flavors in no particular order: Ducks, Mariners, Harry Potter, Lost, Science Fiction, Fantasy, the law, reading, blogs, and whatever else I like to do on my free time. DFTBA.

2 Responses to Weekly Weigh-In: 1.4 pounds lost

  1. Greg says:

    you need to change up your routine….once your body gets use to what your doing, everything slows down…try adding working out w/ some light weights like twice a week or adding some plyometrics (youtube it, there are a bunch of stuff you can do at home)

  2. Dave Smith says:

    Yeah, the school gym opens back up this week (for some reason they always close for a week right when the law school opens up), so I think I’m going to switch it up with a little weight training. Maybe. I also have a yoga workout I bought that I haven’t tried yet that I think should also add a little diversity to the workout.

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