Last California Weigh-In: 1.2 pounds lost

Start: 327 lbs.
Last week: 264.6 lbs.
This week:  263.4 lbs.
Change: -1.2 lbs. lbs.
Total Change: -63.6 lbs.

It’s a little slow moving in the 260s apparently.  I actually considered weighing in yesterday morning because I knew I’d be doing a few eating-intensive activities, but I figured I shouldn’t try to manipulate the weigh-in so blatantly… 🙂  I didn’t do too bad eating-wise, but I did have one more beer than I meant to.  But hey, what’s the point if you can’t have an extra beer every now and then!

This is my last weigh-in in California.  Let me pause to give a special shout out to all my Mercury buddies that read this blog. Thanks!  It’s been a fun a summer chilling in sunny SoCal.  And hey, here’s a shout to all my law school buddies that read the blog.  Thanks!  It’ll be good to see you all again and catch up on your summers when I get back.

Alright, I have lots of packing to do until I take off for Oregon.  Until next time!

About Dave Smith
Nerd of various flavors in no particular order: Ducks, Mariners, Harry Potter, Lost, Science Fiction, Fantasy, the law, reading, blogs, and whatever else I like to do on my free time. DFTBA.

2 Responses to Last California Weigh-In: 1.2 pounds lost

  1. Aila says:

    congrats! you rocked it this summer! see you very soon! cannot wait!

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