Some administrative items

I revised the about page earlier this week.  It’s now a lot more detailed and reads more like a post.  Check it out.

I also shut down my other blog,  I decided that I just didn’t have the time or mental energy for both blogs, and I like doing this one more so that smith guy got the axe.  I was going to leave it up for posterity’s sake, but it turned out I couldn’t turn off the auto-billing without deleting the account.  I’m the type of person that would forget to cancel and end up paying for another year of hosting, so I decided to just delete it so that wouldn’t happen.  It was fun while it lasted!

About Dave Smith
Nerd of various flavors in no particular order: Ducks, Mariners, Harry Potter, Lost, Science Fiction, Fantasy, the law, reading, blogs, and whatever else I like to do on my free time. DFTBA.

2 Responses to Some administrative items

  1. Lisa Maybee says:

    Hey Dave! Great comments. I am so proud of you on your weight loss too! I know you are too or at least you should be. Hope you are having a great summer at home and at your job too. Love you, Lisa

  2. Dave Smith says:

    Missing you! Hope all is well in Eugene. I’m doing pretty good down here.

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