The things people say

The other day at The Journey of a Fat Man, weight loss blogger John Bonk talked about things he’s noticed since losing a bunch of weight.  Now, he’s lost about 100 lbs. in his weight loss journey, so he’s a little further along than I am.  At about 292 lbs., even though I’ve lost roughly 35 lbs., I’m still a big guy, but some of the things he said resonated with me.  Particularly the last point about people being more willing to discuss weight issues around you.

When you’re fat, people tend to tiptoe around the subject of weight.  I used to joke about my weight a lot which made people a little bit more comfortable, but generally people didn’t say anything unless I said something first.  Now that I’ve lost some weight, people are more likely to say something about it.  Some people are still hesitant, though.  I think it’s kind of like asking a girl if she’s pregnant.  You don’t want to be the idiot who asked the question and it turns out the girl isn’t pregnant, or in the case of weight loss, the person didn’t lose any weight.

The other side of it is that everyone seems to have some comment about it.  Lots of people have advice.  Some of the advice I appreciate a lot.  For instance, many of my friends have good tips about working out and recipes to try.  Keep that kind of advice coming my way!  However, lots of people have fad diets or tips/tricks they heard about on the radio or something they want me to try.  I appreciate the sentiment behind this advice, but fad diets aren’t really what I’m looking for.  Part of what I’m doing here is trying to live a healthier lifestyle that I can sustain for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to lose a bunch of weight and then gain it right back, and fad diets are more at risk for that type of behavior than a diet like Weight Watchers that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The coolest thing about starting this blog and being open about my weight loss is hearing other people’s stories.  I used to think that weight issues were only for fat people and those with eating disorders, but I’ve come to learn that everyone deals with weight in some way.  It’s a universal concern that I think everyone understands to some extent.  Hearing stories from friends and acquaintances about their struggles with weight gives me strength to persevere.  Knowing that I’m not alone in the way I think and deal with my weight helps me to keep losing.  I’ve given up more diets then I can remember because it’s hard to keep with it.  It’s hard not to eat that extra slice of pizza, and it’s hard to motivate myself to get off my butt and exercise.  And hearing other people’s stories and knowing that I’m not alone lessens the difficulty a little bit, and I’ll take every lessening of difficulty that I can.

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