Cooking for one

This isn’t necessarily a weight-loss topic, but it’s something I’ve noticed since transitioning from less fast food and ordering pizzas to cooking more meals.  Cooking for one person blows.  Sure, sandwiches, grilled cheese, mac & cheese and so forth are all easy to make for one person, but there’s only so many of those I can take in a week.  Every now and then I like a full-blown meal.

At the beginning of the year (or more accurately, this semester) this wasn’t a problem because I was doing weekly dinners with a group of friends.  Each week one of us would cook a healthy meal for the four of us.  But we stopped this in the buildup to finals so that we could devote more time to our studies (I know, we’re such diligent creatures).  Now I try to make myself a real meal once a week, and to be honest this is probably the first week I was able to even though we stopped the weekly dinners a few weeks ago.

This leads to my problem with cooking for one: leftovers.  Whether its leftovers from something I’ve made or something I’ve picked up, I’m generally not a fan of them.  I’ll generally eat at least one helping of leftovers, but after that it’s iffy.  Doesn’t matter how good the original was, I’m generally not interested in having the same meal three or four times in a row.  And yeah, I know just change the portions while cooking, but then I’m left with half an onion or something else like that.  And instead of leftovers stinking up my fridge, I’ve got half an onion rotting away.

On the plus side, I’ve learned that I’m not bad at salmon or tacos, and I’m getting better with pasta.

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4 Responses to Cooking for one

  1. You can look at my Hungry Girl cookbook at home. It has recipes for single people with one portion. It should probably be named Hungry Person cookbook.

  2. Aila says:

    have you thought about freezing your veggies? anytime i buy an onion, mushrooms, broccoli etc and i dont think i will be use the whole thing within a few days, i throw them in a tupperware and stick it in the freezer. i chop everything up in advance so that when i want to use them the next time there is no prep work!

    then there is the option buying frozen veggies instead and then there is no prep work. some folks dont like frozen veggies but a lot of time they are better quality than the produce at the store since they are chopped and frozen within a day or two of being picked whereas produce at the store has been hanging out for days or weeks. not all brands are created equal, of course, but there are a few brands that i really like.

    you can also freeze a lot of grains and pastas, but i expect that isnt a problem since you can portion how much you cook. but its a nice option when i am fixing grains that take a while to cook.

    final thought: we will definitely recommence the weekly dinners next school year!

    sorry for all the rambling!

    • Dave Smith says:

      I’ve never thought about freezing the veggies. That’s a good idea. I’m a fan of some frozen veggies like peas and corn.

      Definitely keeping up the weekly dinners next year!

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