Weekly Weigh-In Refreshed: 284 pounds

Current weight: 284.0 lbs.

Time to refresh and get back on track. See you next week!

9/28/14 Front view

9/28/14 Front view

9/28/14 Side view

9/28/14 Side view

Weekly Weigh-In: Maintaining

Current weight: 233.4 pounds
Since last weigh-in: +0.4 pounds

As long as I don’t get too out of control during this period, I’m okay. Just got to stay reasonable, and then I can refocus once I’m done with the bar.

It must be summer

It’s been like in the 80s every day this month or so it seems anyways. This means that people are out and about, because if you live in the northwest you know that you have to take advantage of the sun when you can.

I plan on weighing-in tomorrow. I’ve been maintaining a steady 230s, which is okay. It’s better than climbing into the 240s, but not quite as cool as getting back to the 220s. Stress has its effects, though. One, it does something chemically that makes it harder to lose weigh (at least someone told me that once or I read it somewhere. And two, I stress eat. Oh well, such is life. I have been walking every day this week, though, so that’s good.

Speaking of walking, I saw some strange sights today. Well, just one strange thing actually. Somebody was mowing the sidewalk. Weird! I also walked by three garage sales, but that’s par for course during the summer.

Weigh-In: Recharging the batteries

Current weight: 233 pounds
Since last time: +18.2 pounds <– 2+ months ago!
Total weight loss: 94 pounds

Well, that sucks. I’ve had a good hiatus though, so it’s time to really jump back on the weight loss train and get in a groove again.

The girlie says that I can blame her for spending time away from the blog and weight loss activities. And while to some extent that may be accurate, the truth of the matter is that I made a conscious decision to step back for a bit. Now I’m reaping the benefits of that decision.

I kind of fell out of walking every day, but I’ve slowly started to pick it up. I need to get back into a groove, though. Over this hiatus I’ve hiked Spencer’s Butte twice and Pisgah once. One of those Spencer’s trips was just this week for the birthday of the girlie’s mom. I also got in a walk this morning and couple last week. I even marathonned last week from school down 18th all the way to Chambers. I haven’t calculated the mileage, but for those not familiar with Eugene, that’s a pretty good walk.

I might find some pics to bridge the missing gap as far as progress pics go. We shall see. Here’s to regular updating again!

With the girlie on the top of Spencer’s Butte

I am still alive!

It’s been awhile. I’m sorry! Things have gotten a little hectic in the last few months. I think I mentioned last time that I had a new girlfriend. Yes? Well, the new girlfriend is not so new anymore, but she’s stuck around for a bit now. I think she’s going to stick around for a bit more, too. 🙂

I’ve gained about 10-15 pounds back, and I’m hovering around 230 right now. I could give a myriad of excuses as to why, but they’re kind of immaterial. I just need to focus as best as I can. It’s hard with bar studies at the moment. Sometimes I just want to drown myself in goodies to forget about the pressure of the bar exam. But I don’t. I’ve succumbed a little bit, hence the gain. But I’m confident in my ability to bounce back and get back on track. I plan on getting back to weighing in regularly here pretty soon. I think that will help keep me accountable again. It’s just a matter of actually doing it!

Alrighty. Well, hopefully you’ll see a weigh-in from me this week. I don’t want to make any promises. But maybe…!

You may have noticed…

…that I haven’t updated in a bit. I decided to take last weekend off.  I’ve been floating around the 215-220 range, which is a number that I’m fairly comfortable at.  Things have been going very well in my personal life and while this is still important to keep up with, I’ve got a couple other things on my mind.  I’d like to get to under 200, but if I stayed at the 215-220 range I would not be upset.

Anyways, I will be updating again.  Just taking a little breather for a bit.  I have been pretty constant the last year or so, so I have to admit it was pretty nice to not worry about weighing in last weekend.

Weekly Weigh-In: Gain of 3 pounds

2011 Start: 327 lbs. / 2012 Start: 225.0 lbs.
Last week: 211.8 lbs.
This week: 214.8 lbs.
Change: +3.0 lbs.
Total Change: -112.2 lbs / 2012 Change: -10.2

Last week was anomaly so I can’t say I’m too disappointed that I gained this week.  Plus, I’ve kind of gotten comfortable in the 210s.  Though I would like to continue losing to get down to under 200, I am comfortable with who I am in the 214-15 range.  So losing more doesn’t seem as important as it has in the past.  Maybe that’s just because I’m in a good place at the moment.  Who knows?  Anyways, I’ll keep trucking.  I’m not worried about it.

I’ve decided to discontinue the waist & body fat measurements.  The body fat one was just not all that accurate, and both of them didn’t really seem to add much to the discussion.  It was a nice experiment for a bit, but weight is really the only thing I’m concerned about at the moment.